Welcome to the Araxia, an EQ Server

As a tribute to many of our gamer's past, I have setup an Everquest server to relive those great past times many of spent hours playing. Everquest for many of us has some of our early fondest memories of true social gaming and what I consider one of the most elaborate virtual societies ever created. In honor of that, I committed much of my time to setting up server and adding content inspired by our D&D campaign.

If you have stumbled upon this site and are interested in joining in the fun. Please see the contact section and read the server rules. Happy Nostalgia for all!


Server Modifications

  • Character XP - 2.75x
  • Raid Modfied XP is 3x
  • Loot Modified to be 2x more Generous
  • All accounts start with AA Abilities related to long term account rewards
  • Mana / HP / Endurance Regen Time is much faster when in a Resting state
  • Resting State is triggered in significantly less time than normal
  • Epic Quest Mobs and Rare Spawns are set to exist whenever a zone is reloaded
  • Skill Caps around tradeskills have been removed from leveling allowing any level character to max their skills.
  • Tradeskills have been slightly increased in how fast XP is gained.
  • Some limits have been slighly increased around bonus caps related to Bonus Damage, Run Speed
  • Group Leadership is slightly easier to aquire
  • Bots have decreased regens than default Out of Box setting to force more player contribution
  • Horses have 2x increased movement speed but 3x the cost.
  • Some vendor sold bags have been given enhanced bags to account for lack of economy of other players.
  • Player Deaths have a 10x penalty compared to normal
  • All Player groups get an XP bonus to all kills
  • A few mysterious vendors in the world will randomly spawn specialized loot but at a large cost
  • Max level has been set to 75
  • Players in death retain their equipment

Getting Started

In order to play in a custom world like this you will need to follow some specific instructions to install the game and join the server. Use your preferred method of communication below to connect.


Hereos of Araxia

  • Volek Oakenstein, the Arch Druid, is hanging out in the Plane of Knowledge and willing to transport you where ever you need to go.
  • Rory Arrowin, the Bard of Legend, has been spotted in Plane of Knowledge, and sings to fellow travelers to give them strength, however she does require good ale, so coin must be exchanged for melodies.


Tools & Resources